Crucineli Ind. Conf. SA is a textile Portuguese company with more than 30 years of experience in womens wear.

About us

Crucineli – Indústria de Confecções S.A. is a company dedicated to the production of clothing for over 30 years. Its name came from the CRUCIal moment for its start, as well as the fact that it had an Italian collaborator (at the time the readiest) hence the Italianism “CRUCIneli”. Throughout the years, Crucineli S.A. has grown sustained in the quality (always) of its products and services, being capable of producing any type of ladieswear, dresses, skirts, blouses, coats and pants (not only but essentially), becoming a specialist in the production of clothing of the finest fabrics (chaine et trame), such as silk, jersey (punto, knitche). Currently, Crucineli S.A. employs over 110 workers specialized in the production of high-quality wear, prepared with the latest technology in the market. The constant commitment to innovation allows Crucineli S.A. to reach high quality standards satisfying the needs of its customers. We are proud to work with the most prestigious fashion brands in the international market, focusing on the complete satisfaction of the client, improving its success every day. We believe that the future is today (in the millionth of a second immediately after the present one), and therefore seek to do more and better without ever neglecting our work philosophy… QUALITY. .

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