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The technological evolution in the industrial market is a constant process. Always paying attention to the latest trends, in this area Crucineli S.A. is well-equipped, which allows it to achieve increasingly significtive levels of quality and primarily efficiency, always respecting the delivery timings of its clients.

Our Services


We do a lot more than sewing

We do a lot more than sewing - Our work starts in the ideas of each client as, based on them, we develop and build the patterns, having only as reference a simple sketch or sample.


We work on CMT and on a full price basis

We work on CMT and on a full price basis - We work on CMT of full price basis. This means we can buy the materials (fabric and trims) from our clients’ trustworthy suppliers or use our worldwide suppliers network to offer our clients the highest number of possible options.


Cutting-edge technology

Ready to be even more accurate and efficient, we’re equipped with cutting-edge technology, such as an automatic Spreader, a Gerber automatic cutter and software, among others, offering our clients maximum accuracy and savings.


Extremely versatile production in terms of fabrics and styles focused on quality

We produce a wide range of apparel such as dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers, jackets and coats. Throughout the years we’ve become specialized in silks and other delicate fabrics, producing garments either for casual or special occasions.


Crucineli S.A.

Taking into account the different processes of constructing the product, Crucineli S.A., with all its experience, works daily in partnership with its clients, suppliers and collaborators, offering solutions that allow the same to obtain a final product just as they desire, sometimes even better than what they constructed, with no increase in cost!